Not Fast Food – Fast Casual and Healthy Too!

When people think of fast food, they think of burgers and fries, drive throughs and – let’s be honest – greasy food. That’s why, at Freskos Greek restaurant we don’t call ourselves fast food, we call ourselves “fast casual.” But what does fast casual mean, anyway?

Fast. When the kids are hangry after a visit to the Eli Whitney Museum, you know you can get a fast meal at Freskos. When you’re going to a show at The Space – you won’t be late if you stop for a bite. All our salads, sandwiches and entrees are made fresh to order, but our top-notch kitchen staff can whip your order together grígora (that’s Greek for quickly!) If you’re in a super rush, order ahead online!

Casual. No matter what your casual attire is – if it’s rated PG! – it’s perfect for Freskos. If you’ve just hiked Sleeping Giant and you’re starving – come on in. We love jeans and t-shirts. And we love kids in Little League uniforms and tutus. We’re just happy you’re here. The ancient Greeks wore togas, right? (Wrong, they wore cloaks called himation, but they’re similar to togas.)

Dine-in. Bring the whole family for Nona’s birthday dinner. Come in with the kids after ballet lessons. Our cozy dining room offers plenty of flexible seating – we’ll even push a few tables together to accommodate a bigger group. Plus, we have outdoor seating – with propane heaters if you’d like to sit outside as the fall weather gets cooler.

Take out. Sure, we don’t offer a drive-thru, but we do offer speedy takeout service. Pick up some takeout after a day of yardwork, or a day on the golf course. Come on in, place your order, and have a beer or a glass of wine while you wait. Trust us, it won’t be long.

Modern. Forget maroon Formica booths. The vibe at Freskos is clean, friendly, and modern. You’ll love the airy-ness of the windows and plants – or pop outside for a beer, a glass of wine or a Greek coffee on the outside patio.

Freskos has been serving the New Haven and Hamden community “fast casual” Greek food since 2016. And since then, we’ve been winning CT Now’s Best of New Haven awards year after year. Come in and experience “fast casual” Greek dining for yourself!

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