Why Avgolemono for Cold Weather?

When many Greek-Americans think about traditional home cooking, Avgolemono soup naturally comes to mind. It's the family gathering, holiday and rainy-day comfort food. It's the stay-home-from-school-with-a-cold-food. Avgolemono is the Greek answer to "Jewish Penicillin" aka chicken soup. Conjuring up delicious flavors of chicken, manestra (orzo) and lemon as well as nostalgic memories and family history, this is a recipe that many Greek children grew up with and that has been handed down from generation to generation.

How is Avgolemono made?

Fresh, tasty and zesty – Freskos Avgolemono is made with the freshest ingredients. We begin with homemade chicken broth, orzo which is cooked in the broth and then tempered with mixture of eggs and lemon. (Egg is what makes Avgolemono silky and creamy. Lemon juice gives it a pleasant citrus-y freshness.). The result is a healthy, savory soup that’s perfect as an appetizer or as a whole meal.

Where can I find Avgolemono?

Now that the weather is getting colder in New England we tend to crave warm, hearty soups like Avgolemono. Thankfully, you can order some at Freskos in Hamden – dine in or take out. Like all our dishes, our Avgolemono is made with the freshest ingredients – farm-fresh eggs, zesty lemon and home-brewed chicken broth. Our recipe is traditional and authentic, just like yiayia (grandmother) used to make.

Come in and try some Avgolemono today!



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