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Greek "street" food like souvlaki is found on every corner of Greece today. Now it is also in New Haven Connecticut! And it is no exaggeration to say that youthful Greek generations have matured on it. Simple, easy, and healthy, it provides a well-balanced meal. It includes almost all of our daily nutritional requirements: protein from the meat, carbohydrates from the pita, and fiber and vitamins from the vegetables. Even our marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, salt, and pepper provide valuable antioxidants. Whether you choose chicken, pork (the most popular in Greece), shrimp or tofu, you can guarantee it's delicious. All our food is made fresh to order at FRESKOS. We like to say, "we don't make fast food, we make great food as fast as we can."

Scientists finally discover what makes Feta the healthiest cheese in the world


From the Greek City Times
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According to dieticians and doctors around the globe, Feta is the healthiest cheese option in the world and now there is clear evidence to prove it.

The Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA) announced that a group of researchers has decoded the “DNA” of authentic feta cheese produced in Greece, unlocking its secrets at a molecular level, it was announced on Wednesday.


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